Red Ant Co., Ltd’s cargo packing service

Red Ant Co., Ltd’s cargo packing service

Cargo packing is very important in transportation, especially packing fragile goods, machinery and equipment … The cargo packing requires very high packaging techniques to ensure absolute safety for goods. chemical.

Red Ant Co., Ltd’s cargo packing service is currently trusted by companies and enterprises in 2 big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and is chosen as a long-term partner because of its prestige and quality. products and the most preferential prices today.

With a team of professionally trained workers and practical experience accumulated from many shipments, we are proud to bring you a professional, fast and accurate cargo packing process for our customers.

Some images of cargo packing:


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Hanoi: Lot CN2 – Ngoc Hoi Industrial Park – Thanh Tri H. – Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh City: 858 / 20A QL 1A, P. Binh Tri Dong A, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Tel – Hanoi: 024.3576.3567 | 0914.71.99.11 – Hotline: 0913.06.35.90

Tel – HCM: 028.6683.2326 – Hotline: 0963.21.21.27

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