Wood baling services for export equipment

Wood baling services for export equipment

Closing of wooden bales for export equipment is usually based on the size, shape of equipment and requirements of importing countries that use wood baling services in accordance with machinery equipment.

However, there are also some common standards that need to be followed when baling wood for export equipment:

  • Wood materials must be imported, wood surfaces must be cut and polished.
  • Pasteurized, treated according to international standards ISPM15.
  • Loads of wooden bales suitable for equipment, high durability, good quality ensure no damage.

In order to ensure safety for export goods and equipment, it is necessary to select a professional, experienced and professional wood baling services provider and capture the technical requirements and procedures of closed services exported wood bales.

Red Ant with more than 15 years of experience in packing and wood baling, We are currently the leading and reputable company providing wood baling services equipment export across the country for many years.

Some pictures of wood baling services for export equipment:


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