Making the 4-way pallet

Making the 4-way pallet

Making the 4-way pallet

Currently our company specializes in providing 4-way pallets. Depending on your requirements or depending on the type of goods we will provide free consultation for you to save costs while still ensuring the quality of goods during transportation.

Today, the use of wooden pallets, one-sided wood pallets, two-way pallets, 4-way pallets has become increasingly popular and has brought many benefits such as:

1. The goods should be ground against the moisture from the soil.

2. Each time moving goods can move large quantities (including pallets)

3. It is possible to lift pallets on pallets or lift pallets into containers quickly

4. Warehouse will be preserved in a scientific and mechanized way.

Customer benefits:

– Make orders quickly, ensuring quantity and quality.

– Committed and professional in customer consultation on pallets, wooden crates suitable: With the motto put the satisfaction and interests to the top, we are committed not for the benefit of the company. Offers high priced pallets but not optimal for shipments. Moreover, with our long experience in the field of forwarding, we understand very well the requirements of each customer in Asia, Europe and America for packing specifications as well as deep understanding pallets. suitable for each kind of goods.

– Cost savings: Our company directly produces pallets, so customers will have the opportunity to get the pallets that meet the specifications and quality that are most suitable for their goods. Using a pallet with a load of 1 ton for 500 kg will be a waste of the company. Moreover, because of our direct production, prices are certainly more competitive than pallet trading companies.

– In addition, our company is affiliated with a number of other companies specializing in serving sterilization standards ISPM15 by the Department of Plant Protection International, ensuring the export standards to Europe, Asia.

Making the 4-way pallet



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