Heat shrink film used in super weight

Heat shrink film used in super weight

Heat shrink film used in super weight

Heat shrink film used in super weight: For large machinery companies, they face challenges such as how to properly store or transport without causing damage to the product … To meet the needs of customers. We provide heat shrinkable, easy-to-use product in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our company specializes in providing various types of heat shrinkable film of various sizes from small to large. With oversized machines, the entire plane of the machine will be protected, waterproof and prevent damage from many other factors from the surrounding environment.

In addition, there is a heat shrinkable film made of 100% plastics resins with anti-corrosion coatings to protect the iron and non-ferrous metals and does not affect glass, plastics or other parts of the machinery.

Advantages of heat shrinkable film:

  • Our heat shrinkable film contains flame retardant and contains ultraviolet suppressive additives.
  • Highly durable membrane, will preserve machinery in harsh weather.
  • Enough durability to transport by highway and rail
  • The seams are welded by heat, forming a seamless protective barrier.

The heat shrink wrapper is white, because the white color creates a professional appearance and bright, but the inside still receives light from the outside.

Heat shrink film used in super weight:




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